10 Traditional Mallorcan Products on ezebee.com

ezebee.com is famous for it’s huge selection of typical Mallorcan products today we will introduce some of them to you!

  1. Ensaimada de Crema of Pasterleria San Bartolome in Palma

    Once you are in Mallorca, you can’t avoid the famous pastry, Ensaimadas. Ensaimadas are a typical Mallorcan product dating back to the 17th century, made of flour, water, sugar, eggs, yeast and pork lard. The bakery San bartolome in Palma specializes in Ensaimadas! Try the one with cream or cabell de l’angel!

  2. Mallorcan Lemonade Pep Lemon

    Thousands of Lemon trees grow in Mallorca. So it makes sense to use them to create a unique Mallorcan Lemonade! Actually, Pep Lemon doesn’t only produce Lemonade, but also Cola! 

    pep lemon

  1. Hierbas from Mallorca Senses

    Hierbas is a very typical Mallorcan herb and aniseed liqueur. It dates back to the 13
    th century! Mallorca Senses sells all kinds of Mallorcan food and drink, like wine, cava and of course, hierbas.

  1. Mallorca Gourmet Box from 100% Mallorca

    Ca na Mora in Porto Cristo produces brandy, liqueurs, marmalade and other Mallorcan specialties made from fruit, all of them ecological. The Mallroca Gourmet Box from 100% Mallorca has a nice selection of marmalade and liquerors. A must try!



    Olive Oil from Oli Solivellas

    Oli Solivellas is an Olive farm located in the Sierra de Tramontana, the Solivellas Family grows and produces its extra virgin olive oils on the Es Guinyent Estate. The gentle sea breeze flows through the olive trees and cools their fruits in the hot summer nights., making the oil extra tasty.


  3. Ecological Cosmetics made in Mallorca

Ecologic Cosmetics offers all kinds of eco-cosmetics produced with ecological products on Mallorca. From simple shower gel to body scrub or moisturizing serum you will find everything you need. Made of cucumber, primrose, milk, avocado and many other natural ingredients.


  1. Handmade lifestyle accessories of Paleolochic

    Paleolochic is a brand created by Moira Neilson originally form Argentina she has lived in Mallorca for several years now. Her designs of cotton bowls, pillow cases and other textile accessories mix the vibes of an international lifestyle with an Mediterranean flair.


      1. Tote bags from Rata corner

        Rata corner is a Mallorcan institution. It’s a split of the famous editorial rata editors. They have a cool bookshop with café in the heart of Palma’s old town and offer special tote bags with limited edition prints. 


      2. Yurbike e-bikes from Urban Drivestyle


        Yurbikes from Urban Drivestyle in Palma, are a very special and very unique electric bike. You can buy it and keep it forever or just rent it for a day or two to get around town!


        10. Creative Almonds by Mallorca Fruits

Have you ever tried olive flavor almonds? What about paprika or even curry flavor? Mallorca fruits has many kinds of interesting flavors of Almonds and other fruits and snacks to try!


What are your favourite traditional products from Mallorca? Have you tried any in our list?

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