5 Steps to selling on ezebee.com

More than 200,000 vendors trust in ezebee.com. Our members are selling in over 160 countries worldwide! One of the main reasons for our success is that fact that anyone can can become a vendor or buyer on ezebee.com, without the need of money or resources.

how to sell on ezebee.com

Add your offers to the ezebee.com marketplace for free today! Just follow these 5 simple steps:

STEP 1: Create your ezebee.com profile

Your profile represents YOU just like on Facebook or other social sites. Provide as much info as you can, the more trustworthy, the more sales!

Quick tip: Add your social media links and work experience for more trust.

STEP 2 (optional): Create your own page

There are 2 possibilities when selling on ezebee.com:

  1. Sell your offers as a private vendor directly from your profile – We recommend this for items sold as classified ads

  2. Sell your offers on your company page – Recommended for professional sellers

Opening your own page is really quick and easy: Just fill in your contact information, add a nice description of your business and finally a cover photo make it look more personal.

Quick Tip: Make your page as complete as possible so you rank higher in our marketplace!

STEP 3: Create your first offer

Whether you are selling from your profile or your own page, it only takes 1 minute to get started! You can choose to import your offer from another website or create it from scratch. The more information you add, the better. Use nice images too!

Normally you need to find your customers yourself. On ezebee.com, all you have to do is enter as much info as possible to your profile, page and products. Write concise descriptions which make you and your offers look trustworthy. It’s also important to include as many social links as you can.

Quick tip: Answer customer queries as fast as possible to improve your ranking. The more product views and pins you have, the higher it will rank!

STEP 4: Calculate your price

As we don’t charge any fees or commissions you may decide to re-think your pricing for more sales. If you sell on ezebee.com you save money by not paying these fees. You could also give some of those advantages to your buyers if you wanted!

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to calculate shipping prices!

STEP 5: Arrange payment & shipping

ezebee.com is a communication based system. We don’t interfere with shipping or payments, but we do offer an easy and free payment method to simplify transactions. Using our EZBcoins means that you have save money avoiding transaction fees and money is delivered real time! We can only guarantee safe payments if you use EZBcoins.

Quick Tip: Use EZBcoins to pay if you want to do a safe payment in real-time

On ezebee.com everyone is both a buyer and a vendor. In our marketplace you are able to reach hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Whats more, selling on ezebee.com is completely free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Just follow those 5 simple steps and start selling today!

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