8 Craft Beers Made in Mallorca

The fashion of craft beer invades Mallorca
If you like craft beer, you probably already know some of the brands of craft beer made in Mallorca. There is no doubt that the artisanal and ecological trend has also affected the world of beer.


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The different types of caft beer made in Mallorca:

1. Forastera, craft beer made in Molinar

Following the German, English or American style, but with the common ingredient in Majorcan water, beer Forastera produce different kinds of beer such as Barvaria Hell or Limon. Being artisan, flavor can vary from one bottle to the other.


2. Cervesa des Pla, craft beer Algaida

Produced in Algaida, Cervesa del Pla has high-quality ingredients without any additives. Its components are: barley, water, hops, yeast and sugar. Its creators say the beer des Pla is not comparable to any other of those sold. Larger varieties like premium produce or Stout.


3. Beer Lovers, craft beer produced in Alcúdia

Beer Lovers produce five varieties of beer, all handmade and “only for beer lovers”, and the creators say they are only suitable for the most discerning palates.
Bram Amber Ale – Toast and tasty, this is beer with more body Beer Lovers and also has the most graduation, with 5.5% alc.
Blat Witbier – Wheat beer with a hint of coriander and orange peel, fresh and Mediterranean. 4.5% alc.
Broll Pale Ale – classic American beer brewed with yeasts that give a citrus and floral aroma. 5% alc.
LLOP- India Pale Ale. A bold hoppy beer with the typical flavors and aromas of American hops.

4. Sullerica, craft beer Soller

Sullerica is also a craft beer from the Serra de Tramuntana. The peculiarity of this beer is seasoned with orange blossom, typical in Sóller. Its four varieties of beer are 100% handmade without preservatives or pasteurisers:
Recepta Sullerica original – golden, fresh and aromatic blonde beer with a soft taste and flavor with very little alcohol. This beer contains hints of orange blossom, rosemary and verbena.
Sullerica fosca – Dark and dense ale with malt, wheat, various types of hops, water from Sóller, cocoa and orange blossom. 6% vol.
White Sullerica. This is the mildest of all, refreshing and aromatic beer only is 3.7%. In this case, for citric touch that characterizes it contains aromas of lemon.
Sullerica 1561. IPA made with green olives from Soller, with 7% alcohol.


5. Cas Cerveser and microbrew Galiela

Cas Cerveser is another company from the Serra de Tramuntana that has entered the world of craft beer. The mark of their beers in Galilee American Amber is one of their specialties, and so is Red Ale, produced without artificial additives.

6. Talaiòtika, craft beer made in Felanitx

Talaiòtika is another ales from Mallorca. This beer produced in Felanitx and they make two kinds of beer: blat de xeixa organically grown in Santanyí and Earthy, a variant of red beer.

7. Boscana, evolutionary beer

Boscana craft beers made in Soller using traditional methods. Their beer is of high quality, high fermentation and made with the best barley, with floral and fruity air. Its varieties are: Smoked Ale with smoky notes, Royal Oak with French roure, Amarillo Dry Hopped flavored with fresh grass and tropical fruit and Red Hot Chili IPA, with a scent of Mallorcan pepper.

8. 4 Alqueries, craft beer Mancor de la Vall

4 Alqueries After a course of craft beer, some participants were encouraged to create their own beer. After several years of testing and learning, they marketed two varieties of craft beer:
Tomahawak red pell: dark and very refreshing beer with aromas of the best European malts and American hops Centennial and Columbus.
Sunshine for your hops: Lager summer, very easy to drink and refreshing, with aromas of American hops Chinook and Amarillo and four types of European premium malts.

Have you tried any of these Mallorcan craft beers? What do you recommend?

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