Start-Up Mallorca: New doorbell solution for Homeowners!

New doorbell solution for Homeowners! The Flexibell lets you answer you door, even if you are not at home!


With FlexiBell you are always at home for visitors behind your door. Whether you are at your summer house or back in home your property has always direct line to your mobile phone.

Flexibell is a simple doorbell that calls you when you have a visitor.

It’s a 100 percent app-free control: meaning no cloud, no IP traces, and no pesky updates or notifications! A simple voice call enables you to answer your doorbell, talk to guests – from literally anywhere on the planet.

FlexiBell works with all phones and is compatible with most smart-locks on the market, including electric locks and automated gate systems. It means that you can leave you gate remotes and use your phone instead.

How does it work? If somebody visits your house, they press the bell button and you will receive a call and can talk to them at once. And if you call to FlexiBell, it opens the gate. You can also open the gate during the call, just dial 1.


We are looking for businesspartners, investors and also people who want to be the first to order it. If you are interested, please contact with the founder, Indrek Hirvlaan:

For more information just visit our website or Facebook

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