Best pambolis in Mallorca

Firstly, what is Pamboli? Pa amb Oli literally means ‘bread with oil’ in Catalan or more specifically, the dialect Malloquín. The basic ingredients are: usually brown bread ramallet tomatoes (typical from Mallorca and can be easily juiced), salt and virgin olive oil and then a topping of maybe jamón or cheese from Mallorca. But it all depends on your tastes or which restaurant you visit. It’s very popular all over the island and can be eaten for breakfast, a snack, lunch or dinner. Basically whenever you feel like it!

Although it seems that pa amb olis are pretty simple and they have no secret, the truth is that there delicious pa amb olis and there are bland pa amb olis. You can eat Pamboli in practically any bar in Mallorca, but today we tell you what the best in the island are.

If you want to enjoy a good pa amb oli in Mallorca, we recommend the following places:

The best pa amb olis in Mallorca:

S’Hostal Montuiri: The best dish in s’Hostal is pa amb oli. We’re telling you, they’re pretty big! For many, the pa amb olis in this family restaurant are the best in Mallorca. They stand out for the quality of their ingredients: good bread, good tomatoes a lot of virgin olive oil, and spicy sausages

Sa Botiga of Buffons: In this theater-restaurant you will find a wide selection of pa amb olis, about 16 varieties! Pa amb olis from traditional to one made with smoked cod or herring with shredded garlic. Check whats on in the theatre and enjoy a Pa amb Oli before enjoying a lovely evening there.

Sa Llimona is a popular restaurant in the Palma neighborhood, Santa Catalina. It is famous for its pambolis, sausages, cheeses, Iberian ham and sausages. What we like about Sa Llimona is you get all the ingredients yourself and you create the pa amb oli to your liking.

Bar Cabrera: Another classic pa amb oli in Palma. They have the most typical Pa amb Olis, such as camaiot, cheese, ham or spicy sausage, and pa amb olis with anchovies, salmon, cod or herring. Always accompanied by samphire, cirereta peppers and Mallorcan olives.

Mandragora is a family home of Can Pastilla. We love how they treat customers. In Mandragora you can attend improvisational theater performances on the weekends. Their menu, although not very big, is definitely worth it. We recommend their pa amb olis, omelets and pancakes.


What are your favorite pa amb olis? Add them to the list!

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