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When I am on holiday, I love to read books that are set in that particular place. Reading is a great pass time for a relaxing holiday to unwind and entertain yourself. Despite ‘reading’ becoming a little less popular with the amount of technology around, there are still many people who love to read and some great books about Mallorca too!

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We have selected our favorite Mallorca Books for you:

Winter in Majorca, George Sand

This is THE classical Mallorca Novel. In the winter of 1838-39, Chopin and George Sand came to Mallorca, Valdemossa, to improve Chopains health, who was suffering of tuberculosis. Years later she wrote a book about her travels which was very difficult to do back in 1838. Her writing about the beauty of the Mallorcan nature is fascinating but pretty much everything else she seemed to have hated about the Mediterranean island. Judging from his letters it seems that Chopin quite enjoyed living at the monastery in Valldemosa and he created wonderful music there – also his health did not improve. In spite of her hate for everything Majorcan her book is heavily used to promote Valldemosa!

Beloved Majorcans, Guy de Forestier

This book can be bought everywhere in Mallorca and it is a really funny read. It tries to explain the character of the Majorcan people and is based on the information gleaned from the anecdotes and personal experiences of more than a hundred historians, anthropologists, sociologists, journalists, writers and members of the clergy. The pseudonym Guy de Forestier is derived from the Majorcan term “guia de forasters” meaning guide for the outsider. The person responsible for assembling all this information in this most entertaining and educating book is the architect Carlos García-Delgado, Catalan by birth and Majorcan by adoption. After reading this book you will be much better prepared for a life in Majorca!

Tuning up at Dawn, a memoir of music and Majorca. Tomás Graves.

Tuning up at Dawn is a vivid portrait of a Majorca away from tourism through music and musicians from folk music to gypsy music and further to pop and rock. Thomas Graves wrote a lot of books situated in Mallorca. A part from ‘tuning up at Dawn, Bread & Oil’, Majorcan cultures last stand and ‘a home in Malorca – A practical guide to the traditional house and rural life’ are very interesting to read.

The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, Antony Beevor.

If you want to understand Spain today, understanding the Spanish civil war is indispensable. So, if you are up for it, this book should be your choice. The Spanish civil war started in 1936 as a military coup under the leadership of general Franco. This led to a civil war with lots of casualties on both sides. The Fascists were supported by Hitler and Mussolini while the republican forces got help from Stalin. The author helps us to understand what really happened in this cruel war and also the connections to the world outside Spain. Although Franco died in 1975 it is not until recently that the casualties of this war, many still unknown, have been openly discussed and researched. Many are still buried in unmarked graves.

In case you run out of literature while in Mallorca, or you decide to buy one of those books directly on the Island, it’s worth paying a visit to one of the three international books stores in Palma.


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And the second hand shop…

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Have you read any books about Mallorca which you’d recommend for a good read? Let us know!

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