Boost your Sales – Marketing Tips from is your social commerce platform, located in Mallorca. On you can find all kind of products from Mallorca – like holiday apartments, handmade jewelry, fashion or even Mallorcan lemonade. There are also products from many other destinations like India or Germany.

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Everything you find on is from small business owners, freelancers and individuals. This is, because on everyone can open their own page for free within seconds and sell products, services and rentals directly on our international marketplace.

But by having your own, free online shop on, doesn’t mean the work stops! Now you will have to market your offers online. It is our aim to help our users promote their products as good as we can. Therefore we created our business eMag.

  • In our News section you will find all news concerning and the social media and start-up world.

  • In our marketing section we share tips and tricks for SEO, social media marketing. Tips for Facebook fan-pages, twitter accounts, Instagram and the like! We also introduce you to new and free tools helping you to succeed in your social media strategies. And of course, we will tell you how to promote your products on!

  • We also interview other founders of startups, sellers, bloggers and interesting people about their ideas, lifestyles and business strategies.

  • We share everything you need to know about how to start your business and how to sell in an online marketplace!

So, whatever you are selling, wherever in the world, come and check out our marketing tips and boost your sales!

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