British Series The Night Manager Filmed in Mallorca

New british series The Night Manager which is a crime action thriller had 3 of it’s episodes filmed in various locations in Mallorca.

One of the main locations for the series was the most expensive private residence Spain or a charming restaurant right on the sea, chosen by the director to narrate the novel Le Carré scenarios

the night manager mallorca

Based on the novel by John le Carré, The new series, “The Night Manager” has three chapters based in Mallorca, Spain.  This mixture of James Bond with Homeland has, among many other successes, the taste of shooting in Spain (as the novel did) and with the wish of the director, Susanne Bier, in some more special locations.

In the second chapter the island shows its best side. And it does so through the most expensive private property in Spain. Fortress is a seventeenth century villa with two swimming pools, seven buildings and gardens in around 8,000 square meters of terraces overlooking the Mediterranean. It is in Puerto de Pollença, in northern Mallorca. The owner is a British banker who bought it in 2011 for about 30 million euros.

Although in the series the mansion looks like a hotel, or the luxurious residence of mysterious Roper (Hugh Laurie), the reality is more like the second option. It’s someones home. Using the house for filming would cost more than one management team in the series.

Another location which it is possible to visit, for a reasonable price, is to “Ca’s Patro march”, the coastal restaurant where a vital stage in the development of the series takes place, although it appears under another name. Located in Cala Deia, on the northwest coast of the island, it was a personal choice of the director, who knew the place after eating there. His determination to include the restaurant, formerly a refuge for fishermen, brought from head to production managers, because bringing the deployment to a remote place that should justify efforts required location.

After the series, the phone in the restaurant has not stopped ringing for reservations. People are desperate to see the place where Richard Roper and his family had the shock of their lives whilst eating dinner.

Have you seen the new series The Night Manager? Have you visited any of the locations where the series was filmed? We’d love to hear your stories!

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