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Coworking in Mallorca – working in the sun

Anyone who only needs a computer and an Internet connection to work, can choose to work wherever they want to. Coworking is the new trend and a way to meet people and be in a fun environment if you’re working for yourself. Located next to the office in Palma de Mallorca, you can find coworking space, Local 9. In our new series about Coworking in Mallorca we will share all the coworking spaces on the island and interview each founder about what makes their coworking space special.



What is a coworking space?

A coworking space could be compared with an office space, you share the workspace and certain devices such as printers or copiers together. However, the coworking space differs from a normal office space in that you can rent space flexibly, even for single days at a time.

There are two different types of coworking:

The first is a space for rent together with like-minded people. Local 9 in Mallorca from and JobMapp is one example. Often offices are set up by investors where several startups work.

The second option is to rent a desk in a coworking space for a short period of time. This is particularly beneficial for freelancers who need to travel for work or for people who want to work on holiday. Rayaworks in Santyani or Wohaby in Palma de Mallorca are typical examples of this kind of coworking.

There are many benefits of coworking. Including the high degree of flexibility, low costs and networking among other individuals. The disadvantages could be that concentrated work can often be difficult in an office with many different freelancers and founders. Costs should also be kept in mind, especially if there is more than one employee or team working in a coworking space!

In any case, coworking in Mallorca is increasing in popularity. Therefore, we will share all the coworking spaces availble in Mallorca, and later in our series, try the spaces out for ourselves and interview the founders.

Coworking Holidays

Digital nomads can now work from anywhere, even where other people go on vacation. But, despite the sun and palm trees, work still remains a priority. And for that you need a job. Who wouldn’t want to work permanently in a cafe or rent a permanent office in one place, but have the opportunity to travel when you want? Mallorca is a great place for this. Some even decide to stay longer and move to this beautiful island permenently. If that’s the case, you can read our series about relocating to Mallorca.

Blick von der Felsküste Mallorcas

Also for families, Mallorca could be a great opportunity to work in a coworking while the children enjoy the beach. Often you can not really switch off on holiday, but you could at least have your family there. There are some coworking spaces in Mallorca such as Rayaworx that even has the possibility of childcare and yoga!

Rayaworx – Coworking in the southeast of Mallorca

rayaworx coworking mallorca
Rayaworks is the perfect place for those who like to work in a German atmosphere. The two owners Doris and Rainer have built the coworking space in Santanyi and they do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. Both are really very friendly and easy likeable. The highlight is the professional coffee maker…


  • Multimedia room as video production (Top mics, Green- and Blue Screen)
  • Hardware such as monitor, external keyboard
  • Kitchen, even with dishwasher
  • Chillout Area to relax
  • 2 separate meeting rooms
  • From the coworking space you are within 3 minutes walk to the market (we went on a Wednesday which was exactly the right day and were able to eat plenty of fresh delights from the weekly market.)
  • Doris and Rainer also provide cheap accommodation.
  • Since the coworking space is located on the ground floor, it is the perfect place to keep cool in summer, because the room temperature is still very pleasant there. In winter it can be a bit cool.
  • During a lunch break or after work, you can make a trip to Cala Santanyi. Doris and Rainer will doon provide some bikes, which you can cycle to the bay.

Wohaby – Coworking in central Palma

wohapy coworking palma mallorca

Wohaby is situated in the center of Palma and there are many people working relatively laid back there. For those who need a little stability, this is the perfect place, because you will meet the same colleagues here every day, even if all they work on other projects.
The majority are Spanish, so a lot of Spanish is spoken. But they also all speak some English. Lunch breaks are spent together and every Friday afternoon they meet in the common room for a beer. The atmosphere is informal and really very friendly!


  • Large bright working space
  • 2 small separate rooms (without daylight) for Skype sessions and more
  • 1 large common room with a refrigerator and Senseo coffee
  • printer

We enjoyed this coworking space a lot and really liked that Spanish was spoken here, but mainly because the work space was very bright, which I personally find very important.

Local 9

Local 9 is centrally located in the heart of Palma. And therefore is particularly suitable for city dwellers. In this coworking you’ll find startup a social commerce platform and JobMapp – we run your errands. The Spacious office offers enough space and can accommodate additional coworkers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

local 9 coworking palma mallorca

The coworking Space Local 9 is in contrast to many offices in the Old Town very quiet and flooded with light.

BednDesk – Coworking in Playa de Palma

bedndesk cowroking mallorca
We loved BednDesk! The concept is, however, beyond usual coworking, because you can still also rent a shared flat in the same house.
Matias, the owner and Toni, the manager, are super nice.

Upon entering the coworking you’ll first find the lounge, with sofas and a Nespresso coffee machine. Further back is the working space, which unfortunately has little daylight. One floor up is yet another room which is can be used for creating podcasts and video production.

The neighboring entrance is the residential building. On the first floor is the kitchen, above the bedroom. The highlight is the huge roof terrace, where you can also work.


  • Working space for up to 10 people
  • 3D printer!!! and normal printer
  • External monitors
  • Lounge with coffee machine
  • Possibility of renting rooms WG (max. 5 guests)

In BednDesk it seems to be common to spend lunch breaks together. So we were able to enjoy a delicious paella and learned more about our coworkers.
One issue is the lack of natural light and on the ground floor of the working area it can be a bit chilly in winter. In summer, however, a great advantage.
In addition, you are just 2 minutes from the beach. How else would you want to spend your breaks?


Nidus39 Coworking in Palma

Nidus 39 has a coworking space in the heart of Palma, next to the station. There is not only individual workplaces but also meeting rooms, a chill out and dining area and various Serivices for Coworkers.

Loft38 Coworking in Portixol

Loft38 sits in the trendy Portixol – the sea directly in Palma de Mallorca. It is located in a spacious converted industrial area.

In addition some other coworking spaces are Comodo & Co in Palma, BigBang  Coworking in Calivia and Fabrica Ramis in Inca!

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