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This week in our interview series about coworking spaces in Mallorca, interview Doris Schuppe from Rayaworx, Santanyí.

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1. Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Doris from Germany. I live in Santanyí in Mallorca’s Southeast, where I run a coworking space for residents and travellers.

2. Why did you come to Mallorca and when?

In summer 2013 I had the idea to live and work from Mallorca to have more time during the year for riding our motorcycles. My husband liked the plan, and we also met long­time residents. After one year of preparation we finally moved to beautiful Santanyí in October 2014.

3. What are you doing here?

Back in Munich I was a coworker working with other self­employed people, freelancers and startup founders in Munich’s first coworking space combinat56. To me coworking is the best way to work as a freelancer. You work on your own – but not alone. And isn’t it wonderful how people are about to realize how flexible they can be, because they may choose where to work more freely. Some of the dream of places like Bali, but for most of those Asian locations are too far away from family, friends or clients. So I thought: After travelling a lot I really like it to be close to the mediterranean sea – and from Mallorca flights are easy to travel back to Germany when a meeting is needed – private or business. In May 2015 we started to work from Rayaworx, our coworking space for residents and travellers. And it works very well for our businesses.

4. What did you do before?

I am a communication consultant and help people to make use of the Internet as well as social media for their business relations and communication. For the Akademie der Bayerischen Presse in Munich I work as a freelance docent and give courses like Social Media Manager or Facebook for Business.

5. Why did you choose to open a Co­working space?

As I mentioned before, I really like the coworking concept, and I think it is also a great way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to combine coworking and holidays. I know so many self­employed folks complaining that they are rarely able to go on vacation. There is always something to do or clients need a project to be done urgently. I asked myself why not make the most of it and enjoy e.g. the many beautiful places and natural beaches around Santanyí – and get some work done in a coworking space? Because working with the Internet connection of my booked accommodations (hotel, finca, airbnb) had never been convenient or on a professional level. So in 2013 I checked the island and surprisingly found a lot of coworking spaces in Palma, but I did not want to commute every day. So I got the idea to start a space where we like to live and some German expats have already settled down: Santanyí.

6. What makes your Coworking space special?

At Rayaworx Coworking we provide space for meetings, exchanges, and work for people living in our area as well as travellers who want to combine relaxing & working. Workshops, seminars, events or meetups take place in our meeting room. We are open to people who are looking for connection and love to take them with us to yoga classes, networking events or the next running competition. Oh, and not to be forgotten: We have a small podcast room with acoustic insulation and backdrops for video recording.

7. Why in Santanyí?

Oh, because we love this little town and its lovely surroundings. During our motorcycle tours with Mallorquin Bikes  we visited lots of places and villages in Mallorca. When we visited the island to find our place to stay we experienced winter days in Santanyí and we loved the liveliness of the small town. Plus here we live close to the beaches and the rocky coast.

8. What are the advantages of living and working in Mallorca?

Well, I enjoy to be more or less on vacation as soon as I leave work. In winter I no longer experience dark skies, frost and slush. Up to now Mallorca is still a place to discover. One reason we moved to this island is its diversity and richness in nature and culture.

9. And the disadvantages?

There are lots of people I would really like to see more often like I did while living in Munich. As I knew from other changes of residence ago, it is hard to make new acquaintances. To find friends, to whom I can rely.

10. What would you recommend to someone who wants to relocate to Mallorca and maybe even start a company here?

Don’t dream it, do it. Try working from a coworking space for three to six months before moving: You can find new acquaintances, business partners, service providers – and friends. You work in a productive environment and you dive more into your new neighborhood. Be open to change and create conditions that give you the time to find out if it’s your life and if you can be successful with your business.

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