Ecologic Cosmetics Made in Mallorca!

We have discovered a wonderful eco-cosmetics shop and spa in Mallorca who sell environmentally and animal friendly products worldwide. Even the packaging is eco-friendly!

“We guarantee that during the manufacture, use and disposal of our products, we try to cause the least possible harm to the environment.” –Ecologic Cosmetics

ecologic cosmetics mallorca

How was Ecologic Cosmetics born?

Linda Nicolau is the founder of Ecologic by Linda Nicolau S.L. (1993) and started her career in the beauty world and spas over 30 years ago. She started working for a hotel resort in Spain for a while and then went back to the UK(where she was born) to start a career in beauty therapy. After working with various big brands including Estée Laude, Linda decided she wanted to return to Spain and ended up in Mallorca, shortly afterwards she opened her own skin and body treatment boutique, Salón Venus! This company was very successful and Linda accepted a good price to sell the company, later creating another cosmetics import company, Belleza Moderna S.A.
However, neither of these really satisfied Linda’s real love for environmentally friendly cosmetics and eventually she decided to create Ecologic Cosmetics which has over 30 references, retail professional and travel sized products. Linda has now also opened a spa in Mallorca with the help of her daughter, Alexandra, and they showroom their ecologic products here. After so many years of experience, they regularly train therapists and beauticians from all over Spain and Andorra including for 4* and 5* hotel chains.

ecologic cosmetics mallorca

So what is so special about Ecologic Cosmetics brand and why should you buy from them?

>We are pioneers in the world of Cosmetics in using 100% PET RECYCLED plastic packaging
>When possible we use glass containers as they can be easily recycled
>Our outer packaging containers and boxes are made with recycled cardboard
>All printing is carried out on sustainable or recycled paper using vegetable based ink
>We control the consumption of electricity, water and waste throughout our company
>We try to use local products and services, whenever possible, to help reduce our “Carbon Footprint”*
>We use natural origin ingredients of the highest quality
>The majority of our ingredients and active substances are organic, biological and/or in process of certification
> Our products are not tested on animals, neither do they contain animal ingredients
>Natural cosmetics with no preservatives and no artificial colouring

ecologic cosmetics mallorca

What can you find at Ecologic Cosmetics?

You can find all sorts of cosmetics including soap, Night cream, a travel pack including everything you need for a weekend away and also some body scrub! and many more…

ecologic cosmetics mallorca

Check out the full ecologic cosmetics shop on

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