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Today we interviewed Fabian Roschig, enthusiastic entrepreneur @jobMapp. Fabian is an E-commerce and Marketing specialist with more than 9 years experience in online/offline marketing, eCommerce, event management, tourism and entrepreneurship. jobMApp is based like we are, in Majorca, Spain.

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Fabian, explain jobMapp in 2 sentences:

jobMapp is a mobile marketplace for local service providers. We connect local professionals in real-time and location based with potential clients via our app and web.

How did you get the idea?

Our CEO Chris Bolz was at home one day when his girlfriend asked him to wait gas bottle delivery truck. As he did not listen to her at the time, later that day he had to drive all the way to the next gas shop 30 minutes away. He had prepared this time to get his work done. Therefore he thought there had to be a tool or platform to offer instant solutions to all these kinds of daily tasks and problems such as repairing a fridge, courier services transporting documents, house cleaning services etc. That’s how jobMapp was born.

Why Majorca?

As all 3 founders are living in Majorca, we wanted to make use of our extensive network on the island and support the local professionals by offering them an additional sales channel. Not to mention we wanted to use the services ourselves ;-).

JobMapp Majorca

What has been the biggest struggle so far?

jobMapp offers a really broad range of services. Therefore it was hard to position the brand in all of these niches and compete against competitors specialized in their niche. We assessed the risk and went sector by sector to try to improve each and every step to be the ‘best in class’ for each one. To do this we have to make it as easy as possible for users to reserve our services and provide the client with qualified professionals.

What was the biggest success so far?

We won several prizes with the project and received the ‘Seal of Excellence’ by the European Commission which we are very proud of. Furthermore we managed to get a great team together, which for us is a key factor of success.

How do you finance the project?

In the first month of running the business we received funding from a Spanish Business Angel and at the end of last year we received a loan by the Spanish public enterprise ENISA investing in innovative new ventures.

What are your tips for other entrepreneurs?

Firstly, focus on quality and product and later on growth.

Start with a niche and then start to offer more services and features.

Test early and often and try to improve the speed of implementing changes.

What is the status quo of the project?

At the moment we have about 35,000 users in Spain and Mexico and apart from our initial business model, a pure peer to peer platform, we are now offering services with fixed conditions and prices which can be purchased via direct booking on our web or app. For example, a courier service with electric scooters in Madrid which gets you everything from A to B in less than 1.5 hours for 5€. In the next weeks, we will add house removals and every kind of transport with delivery vans with the intention to further extend our services.

During the next 4 weeks, Fabian will be sharing some unique tips on how to market your business here in the Mallorca magazine. Next week we will start with ‘Twitter promoted Tweets’

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