Interview with Ventafun

Today we interview Rafa Dorado from the influencer marketing company Ventafun! Ventafun is a startup based on the island of Majorca, like! We’re happy to see more talent around!


Rafa, Define Ventafun in one sentence.

Ventafun is a platform where anyone can earn money by recommending the products and services they love.

Who is behind Ventafun?

Carlos Tiscar – Professional Growth Hacker with a strong history of sales 

Carlos could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Living and working from sunny Malaga and always eating fish.

Pablo Iturralde – Geek and business man 

Pablo is in charge of our mobile app. Living and working from sunny Majorca, Pablo has previously worked in many startups and international companies.

Rafa Dorado (me!) – Geek and Positive thinker 

I’m the co-founder of Ventafun, also based in Majorca, web developer and team motivator.

What made you decide to create this type of platform?

Good question!
Actually, one day Pablo and I realised that we had both recommended the same smart-phone to our sisters, and they were both happy with our choices. After a couple more drinks we arrived to the conclusion that for our sisters and many other people in our trust circle, we were the best sales guys on the planet 😉
At that time we were working on a completely different project, which was struggling to get traction. We spent some time thinking and working on the recommendation idea and finally we decided to pivot and focus on that.
Right after that we participated in accelerator program and develop our first MVP.

We started Ventafun to create a place where any personal and curated recommendations are rewarded.

How do you think Ventafun stands out from other similar platforms?

Unlike other affiliate marketing websites, we enable anyone with an opinion to become an influencer of the products they love and establish a professional relationship with the companies selling these products. Influencers can write sponsored posts, videos or simply use word of mouth to make sales online.

We are also the only online marketing affiliate platform with a social component. In Ventafun, customers can follow influencers opinions, see their personal collections and stay aware of the latest trends.

What growth have you seen since you started?

We launched our website in February 2016 (only in Spain) and since then have grown organically around 7% each week. We now have more than 500 products, over 1000 influencers and most importantly we are already making sales. 🙂

Give one reason why a company, influencer or buyer should use Ventafun.

Companies: To make more sales online for free.

Influencers: To earn money by recommending the products you love

Buyers: To buy trustworthy products at the best prices.

What was the hardest part of creating your business?

The hardest part for me was making my decision to quit my full time job to dedicate myself to Ventafun. At that moment I had to show my full commitment and really believe in our project.

The second hardest part was the bureaucracy of the Spanish government, it can be a real nuisance!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned to far?

To choose the right co-founders who you don’t only respect professionally, but also on a personal level. Starting a company is of course very stressful and it really takes you to your limits.

What are the future plans for Ventafun?

At the moment we are working hard to launch a new version of Ventafun which enables any company to upload their products themselves and sell through our influencers.

We-re also pretty excited as this summer, we will begin to look for first round of funding in order to accelerate growth, internationalise, and expand our marketing and sales teams.

We are now open to new companies and shops who want to sell products online through influencers and recommendations, so get in touch!

You can check out Ventafun and follow updates from Rafa Dorado on twitter

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