It’s Jellyfish Season Again in Mallorca!

Jellyfish love salty and warm waters, this is why they just looove the Mediterranean sea and hang out with tourists on the Mallorcan coast.

They are usually not very dangerous but their cells can inject humans with some nasty poison that will leave our skins read, itchy and hurt.

With the crystal waters of Mallorca, it is quite easy to see and avoid these nasty animals, but here is some tips on what to do if you ever get touched by a jellyfish.

What to do if you’ve been stung by a jellyfish:

  • Clean the wound with salt water or saline solution and apply a cold compress to reduce pain. Ice cubes are okay but best in a bag so they are not in contact with the skin
  • Cover the sting with sterile gauze and apply some antihistamines and corticosteroids ointment to reduce inflammation
  • Keep it isolated from water and sun for two or three days

What NOT to do:

  • People think it’s funny to urinate in the wound but it might actually make it worse, so unless you don’t really like the person who’s been stung, better avoid a Joey/Chandler/Monica drama!
  • Pour fresh water over the affected area not to extend the toxic liquid
  • Scratch the skin with sand or a towel as it could aggravate the rash

The jellyfish of Mallorca are painful but usually not dangerous

If a jellyfish tentacle has been hooked to the skin, it must be removed with tweezers or latex gloves (a little vinegar helps) avoiding touching with the skin.

Usually, the jellyfish sting is cured in a progressive way and without complications but sometimes, some people may suffer anaphylactic shock caused by an allergic reaction to jellyfish toxic liquid.

The jellyfish sting causes intense pain and itching in the area of the wound and hives on the skin. The pain usually lasts between half an hour and an hour, but it is better  to consult a doctor if discomfort persists in order to avoid an allergic reaction to jellyfish toxic liquid.

Moreover, we must take special care in the case of babies, who still have immature immune systems, or elderly people, especially if they take medication.

How to avoid jellyfish in Mallorca

A new app was created last year to report the presence (or absence) of jellyfish in the clear waters of Mallorca. It is called Grumering and it’s free and awesome. Just before going to the beach, check on the map if the place you wanted to swim has been cleared and look at the best beaches to have a dip without risking of being stung!

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  1. My son and I were both stung by the same jellyfish today in Peguera. We didn’t even see it after it stung us, or even before; I guess the tentacles must have been very long 😫

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