Mallorca Hotel Prices to rise 15% by 2017

This year there has been a dramatic increase in holiday makers visiting the already popular tourist destination, Mallorca. Hotels and accommodation across the island is in high demand and tourists are falling absolutely in love with Mallorca.

Due to less tourists visiting Turkey, Egypt and Greece this year with the crisis and the scare of terrorist attacks, many of those tourists are instead flocking to Mallorca. It’s another cheap holiday destination which is not too distant or pricey and has a similar package for those looking for a beach holiday.

mallorca hotel prices

Tour operators from Britain, Germany and Scandinavia have already closed their contracts for 2017 and the prices have risen up to 15%. Tour operators are competing with one another and bidding for the best offers, as there is more demand this year, they are happy to pay more. This of course, causes the increase of hotel prices for tourists too, especially in hotels with 4/5 stars and are newly renovated.

Of course, not every hotel in Mallorca will have such an increase in price some will be as low as 4%. This could be because they haven’t been recently renovated so choose to keep their prices lower to have less competition around the island. There is also the new tourist tax to consider for tourists spending their holidays in Mallorca after 1st July 2016. So all in all things will be a little more expensive!

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