New Bike Repair Shop in Palma Old Town

Preparing my bike for winter

It may not feel like it yet, but winter is coming, and I wanted to prepare my bike ready for the colder months. If you don’t have a bike, you can always rent a bike in Mallorca. I’ve been looking for a bike service shop in Palma’s old town, as I live near Placa St. Fransesc I have to walk down Calle San Francesc every day on my way to work… And recently, I noticed a new bike shop opened up. Urban Drivestyle is specialized in urban mobility and e-bikes in Mallorca, and they also offer bike repair services in the centre of Palma as well as an e-bike charging station.

Bike repair shop Mallorca

At first, I was not really sure if they offered bicycle repair services just for e-bikes, or if it was for all kinds of bikes – it proved to be all bikes, which made my day. When I took my bike to their shop I was prepared to leave it there for a few days, as I thought preparing it for winter would take some time. But I only needed to wait for half an hour in the shop, I just had enough time to drink a cup of free coffee and check out all the beautiful electric vehicles they have!

Bike repair shop Mallorca

Urban Drivestyle serviced my bike and noticed I have a slow puncture, which was fixed at once without replacing the inner tube. They tightened my breaks so they work better and lubricated my chain with oil (It’s been rusting for the last year in my back garden). They even made my saddle the right height, which I always refused to do myself, but in the end proved to be really comfortable. Also my front light hasn’t been working for weeks so they replaced that too, now I can ride my bike at night again.

All in all I was totally pleased with the service of the shop. The staff spoke several languages and were very friendly and efficient!

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