New Tourist Tax in Mallorca

The long announced and controversial tourist tax in Mallorca will finally be introduced from July 2016. After the 1st of July 2016 every holidaymaker coming to Mallorca aged over 16 will have to pay the new tourist tax.
The Balearic Government promises that the new “Eco Tax” will create an annual income of around 60 to 80 million euros. The taxes were introduced to protect the islands resources as more and more tourists are visiting Mallorca each year.

mallorca tourist tax

These funds will be distributed on infrastructure around the island.  The island’s government is also planning a website and events to share information about the new taxes. It is still unclear how to deal with the tourist tax for the thousands of privately rented apartments and fincas on the island.

Tourist tax mallorca

What does it mean for tourists in Mallorca?
Anyone staying in a hotel in Mallorca, now has to pay extra fee per night between 50 cents and 2 euros. You’ll be required to pay directly from your hotel reception upon arrival. There have also been proposals to collect the tax directly upon arrival at the airport, but this  idea was rejected, since it’s too difficult to distinguish between tourists and residents.

What amount is due for which accommodation?
The amount of the “tourist tax” to be paid in Mallorca depends on the type of accommodation. In high season, from May to October, the equivalent of 2 euros per night will be charged for both high grade apartments as well as 5-star and 4-star hotels. In contrast, tourists must pay the minimum amount of 50 cents per night for campsites, guesthouses, hostels and mountain cabins. In the low season from November to April only half of the amount will be charged. The fee will also be halved for tourists staying more than 8 nights.

Landlords and tenants from private houses and villas in Mallorca are currently safe from the tax authorities. Thus, all who have booked with Airbnb and apartments, don’t need to pay the taxes for the moment. In Mallorca they are still considering how to implement these taxes from private houses, the online vendors are probably not required to collect the tax directly.

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