5 reasons why Palma is the summer destination for vegans (and others!)

I’m vegan and I can tell you, going on holiday is a nightmare!
No. I’m not crazy.
It’s just that with the usual questions that pop in everyone’s mind once we’ve decided to go abroad like what to bring and what to wear, for vegans  we ask: “What am I going to eat? Will I find food?”
Going to a new country can be amazing to try new dishes and new recipes but it also means that you might eat meat, fish, or more insidiously, milk or eggs without realizing.

What is a vegan?

I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself correctly to you. But you’ve probably heard about veganism already, especially now with all the scandals surrounding the meat industry.
A vegan chooses not to eat any product that comes from an animal. So farewell meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and even leather, honey and products tested on animals.

Some vegan dishes that just look fabulous

But good news for them! Berlin and New York are already known for their numerous vegan restaurants and shops guaranteed without animal suffering. We now have Palma de Mallorca, a city of 400,000 inhabitants located on the west coast of the largest island of the Balearic Islands (Spain) emerging as the next big city perfect for 100% vegan holidays.

Here is the proof by 5.

Why Palma is perfect for vegans:


1. In 2016, there are now more than a dozen vegan restaurants in the Majorcan capital. Between “Bagel“, a wonderful small restaurant next to plaça Mayor serving fresh vegan bagels, “Ziva” a raw vegan lunch place with a terrace next to Jaume III or with take away in Santa Catalina, or “Bon lloc“, the first vegetarian restaurant in Majorca, you have a choice for lunch or dinners with friends or family.

2. “Lo Vegano” is one of the few stores that are 100% vegan in Europe. Whether you need soy cheese, roasted seitan, chocolate spread or soy milk, the store will answer all your desires. They even have some raw food now!

3. There are also more and more hotels that are going green with the opening of a completely vegan hotel, the “villa vegana” in Esporles, a small village at the foot of the mountains, less than half an hour from Palma . Other hotels accept the challenge of cooking vegan dishes, like the hotel “Valldemossa” in Valldemossa, the picturesque village where George Sand and Frederic Chopin spent their vacation during this terrible winter of 1838-1839.

4. Even in the bars, where the Mallorcans like to get together every night, you can find famous tapas that are vegan. The most famous and the best (for me) is the “tumbet”, a dish made of fried and baked potatoes, eggplants and red peppers in layers, covered in tomato sauce with garlic and olive oil.

Tumber is a traditional mallorquin dish, and it's vegan!

5. Fruit and vegetables! Without surprise, it’s very easy to find juicy fruits and nutritious vegetables in Rafael Nadal’s island. There are a lot of markets or small shops owned by little farmers heavily loaded with olives, almonds and of course oranges and lemons that even grow on communal trees. You will find yourself with plenty of vitamins, fiber, protein and calcium! A real cure of vitality!

But Palma is the perfect town for the holidays no matter what your diet is, thanks to its beaches, the generous sun, its history and its mountains. This old city has its little je ne sais quoi which differentiates it from the usual tourist destinations. You must visit it to believe it. I’m waiting for you!

And stay connected as, soon, I’ll share more tips about being a vegan in Palma de Mallorca 🙂

Are you a vegan or interested in vegan food? Leave us a comment to tell us your experience!

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7 thoughts on “5 reasons why Palma is the summer destination for vegans (and others!)

  1. This is such good news, thanks for the post. We visit Pollenca regularly and in Puerto Pollenca there is a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Bellaverde. We have been there many times, not only is the food wonderful but the staff are friendly and the garden is truly beautiful. Well worth a visit.

    1. Hello! Thank you for the comment! I have heard about Bellaverde but haven’t had the chance to try it yet! I’ll be sure to stop by there next time I’m in Puerto Pollensa 🙂

  2. Already been to Palma and its was the perfect destination for me since I’m vegan. I highly recommend Bagel, the food is very tasty!!
    I will definitely come back to Mallorca (very soon I hope) and not just for the food (I also miss Calo des Moro)…

    1. hehe thank you! We’re going to write more blogposts about being vegan (and vegetarian) in Mallorca as well as some articles about the beaches in Mallorca! Calo des Moro is indeed one of the best ones but you have to see them all to truly understand Mallorca’s beauty! Stay tuned!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging article Ophelie. My husband and I are going to Mallorca on Saturday, we will be staying in Port Soller in the Jumeirah Hotel. I confirmed with the hotel when booking that they would be able to cater for me but wonder if you could recommend any places to eat in the area. My husband is a meat eater so vegan friendly will be welcome as well. Furthermore , do you have idea of how to find out what wines are suitable. I don’t expect Barnivore to be any more help than it is in the UK.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Margaret! Thank you very much for your comment!
      I don’t know a lot about Port de Sóller but Cafe Scholl in Sóller has very good recommendations. It’s not vegan though, they only offer good vegan options 🙂

      If you have a car and want to stay in the North of the Island, I also recommend Es Ginebró, in Inca, that was the first bio restaurant in Mallorca and I went there a few times and it was always good and very filling. I have only heard good things about Bellaverde in Pollença as well, in the north east of the Island. They have some vegan wine 🙂
      And Valldemossa hotel, a 30 minutes drive from your hotel is also known to make wonderful vegan dishes if you tell them in advance you’re coming.

      For the wine, I am not an expert myself, but I asked the lovely people at LoVegano and they told me they have vegan wine to sell and they recommend Corazón Loco (available in red/white and rosé). Go have a look 🙂

      Have a wonderful stay in Mallorca and don’t miss out our other articles about beaches and things to visit in Mallorca!


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