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The initial appeal of is the ability to buy anything you need from one platform. We make it as simple as possible for people all over the world to sell anything they like, either via their own page as a professional seller or through their profile as a private vendor.

Saying this, there are still many fantastic offers out there that can’t be bought on just yet. So we created a pin-it option, meaning we can add offers from other websites even if they haven’t created an shop yet. This provides users with the ability to save offers from all over the web and keep them in one place. Pinning is a great way for organizing your own personal wish-lists or not forgetting thing you like online.

How to Pin on


First, make sure you’re logged into, you can do that by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner and enter log in details. Then simply click on the ‘+‘ icon in the bottom right and press ‘add pin’

add pin add offer

Next, simply paste the link of the offer you’d like to pin into the import bar and click ‘finish’ and your offer is imported.

new pin import bar

If you’d like an even faster way to pin you can also click on the option underneath to ‘try our pin-it browser extension‘ 

This works in a similar way to Pinterest, simply go to the product on the website you want to pin, click on the ‘e’ button in your browser and press ‘pin to my collection‘ and finally ‘pin’.

pin it extension

When you see the green tick it mean’s it worked!

done tick

For buyers, create inspiration lists is an ideal source of inspiration! If you’re looking for birthday presents or accommodation for your summer holiday, why not find it on If you’d like to create a personal wish-list you can make it on! Go to your ‘collection‘ to see all the offers you’ve pinned and your collected offers from

For sellers, promote your business

Maybe you don’t want to open a page or sell on That’s a shame, but even so you can promote your business with us by simply pinning your offers on to our marketplace. Keep in mind that pinned offers will rank lower than offers sold directly on, you can also import offers using the pin-it button in your browser.

We also collected some of the best ways to make sure your offers appear high-up in the marketplace and how we improve your SEO if you sell on our platform 🙂

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