Promoted Tweets: Target New Customers

Learn how to target your perfect customer within a Promoted Tweet campaign

Fabian Roschig, the CMO & Co-Founder of jobMapp a Mallorcan startup based in Palma, is going to explain how to target new customers using promoted tweets.

Promoted tweets

In the last weeks edition on promoted tweets we showed you:

  • What are promoted tweets?
  • How do they work?
  • Where do users see them?
  • Why you should use them?

In this edition I will explain how to segment and target your perfect potential customer with Promoted Tweet campaigns.

Demographic targeting

On Twitter you can also segment your clients based on demographic characteristics such as age, location, gender, language and devices (even though these aren’t all a classical demographic characteristics).

demographic targeting

Targeting based on keywords

These options trigger your Promoted Tweet based on hashtags and keywords used by your target audience. The tool also shows you the potential reach with the keywords you used.

targeting based on keywords

Interests and Followers

In my opinion the most fancy option is that you can target specific Twitter accounts (which helps a lot if you target journalists, influencers, bloggers) AND you can target users with the same interests as followers of that Twitter account. Meaning if you are UBER the users of LYFT are probably quite interesting for you 😉 My tip: Use multiple Twitter handles as Twitter analyzes these accounts and uses an algorithm to figure out the interests of this new target audience. Also, leave the “Target your followers” and “Target users like your followers” options unchecked. It will make the targeting vague (like a broad match keyword in Google Adwords).

add followers twitter

Fabian Roschig (CMO & Co-Founder of jobMapp) Twitter: @FRoschig


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