Renting a Flat in Mallorca

When relocating to Mallorca, the first thing you need to do is to get your NIE. In our last article, we explained how to do so. The next step is to rent a flat.

renting a flat mallorca

There are several kinds of places to stay in Mallorca:

  • rent out a flat or house short term

  • rent out a flat or house long term

  • share an apartment

  • buy a property

Even if you are planing to buy a property later on we recommend you to rent something out first to get to know the area and the way of living in Mallorca – and later on decide if and were you want to buy. We will be talking about buying properties in our next article. But for now, we will focus on how to rent a flat in Mallorca.

What are you looking for?

First of all, you should choose the place you want to live: Do you want to rent a flat in Palma, or a house in the country side?

Once you’ve decided on a place to stay, make a list of features and amenities you need and you would like to have in your flat or area:

  • Do you want to live in the city center of Palma old town, or do you prefer fast access to the countryside?

  • Do you need schools or hospitals nearby?

  • Which “barrio” would you want to live in?

  • Do you want a terrace or a balcony?

Start with renting a flat short term: If you don’t know the island well yet, start by renting something out for short time first, before considering signing a long term contract. Often a neighbourhood you liked perfectly well when you first visited, doesn’t always prove good for living. Lots of Expats move to famous places such as Plaza Coll or Santa Catalina when they first come to the island, not imagining the crowds and noise there will be in the summer. Actually, that happened to me: When we moved to Mallorca, we found a perfectly nice townhouse on a “quiet” palza in Santa Catalina – we didn’t know that around the corner there is one of the most famous nightclubs in Palma… So make sure you check out the place your are about to rent very well!

International real estate agencies in Mallorca

There are lots of international real estate agencies specialized of foreigners, renting out flats and houses in Mallorca for one year or just a few months. Choosing an international real estate agency will definitely give you a higher change of renting a northern European standard flat in Mallorca.

Standard of Mallorcan properties and flats

Did you maybe think western European standard is usual on Mallorca? Well… if you did so: No, it is not! – Most apartments do not have heating, nor double glassing, which means it can get pretty cold and moist during the winter. Most flats do not have a terrace, balcony or an elevator. If you want to have these features in your flat, be prepared to pay more and to simplify matters, choose an international real estate agency to help you find a flat.

Share a flat in Palma de Mallorca

If you are on a budget and maybe do not yet have your NIE or a working contract, you should consider moving into a shared flat. It’s a good way for young people to find out if your really want to live in Mallorca or not and it will give you some time to arrange all the paper work. Most shared flats can be found in Palma. You can check out the following links to find a shared flat in Mallorca:

Platforms to rent flats in Mallorca

In case you prefer living in your own flat in Mallorca and you do not mind flats with a Mallorcan character, there are lots of platforms to go looking for your new flat in Mallorca. The most known ones are:




Another very efficient way is to stroll around town and check for ‘se allquila‘ signs on the houses. Ether way you choose, you will need to speak Spanish or even better Catalan to get a nice flat for a fair price. Don’t give up easily, lots of owners need to be contacted several times before they come back to you!

Documentation needed to rant a flat on the island

If you finally find a flat that suits your needs, there are several documents you will need to rent it:

  • Your ID card/passport

  • Your DNIE/NIE (here you can read how to get it!)

  • A working contract or another prove of solvency

Best Season to rent a flat in Mallorca?

During summer time it might be a bit tricky to find the flat you are looking for on the island as it is high season and most flats are rented out short term. But during the off season in autumn, winter and even spring, there are lots of flats available. So if you are planing to come here during the summer months, prepare well ahead and think about moving again in autumn, when prices are falling!

Prices of flats in Mallorca

Always keep in mind, that in Mallorca prices for flats are lower then in western Europe, but more expansive then in the rest of the country! All the same, the cost of living in Mallorca is 2.8 % less then in Madrid and for sure much cheaper then living in Munich, Berlin or London! A one bed apartment should cost you about 500 Euro a month, whereas big places are much more common and therefor cheaper. A 3 bedroom apartment in the city center of Palma should be less then 1000 Euros. All considering Mallorcan standards. If you go for a higher standard, be prepared to pay at least 50 % more.

If you have found your perfect flat, you need to be aware of some requirements in Spanish renting contracts – so make sure you read our next article

And don’t forget to follow our ‘how to move to mallorca’ series and get valuable information about relocating to the Mediterranean island!

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