Rivera announces a National Energy Plan and the end of the “sun” tax

Yesterday we talked about the sun tax and how it was preventing Spain, and especially the Balearic Islands, to take advantage of their privileged geographical location with bureaucracy and high investments which lead to very little houses using solar power.

Now, the president of “Ciudadanos” has chosen to reward the production of clean energy, and has criticized Spain Physically penalizing those who bet on renewable energies and invest in their production.

Rivera promises to remove the sun tax

The candidate of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, who is running to be president of the Government, said today that if his party wins on June 26th, he will launch a National Energy Plan which means the end of the “sun” and self-consumption tax.

Albert Rivera has made these statements at the biomass factory of the agricultural company Kernel Export, in Los Alcázares (Murcia), the first of its kind to be launched in Spain that produces methane from vegetable waste and uses it then to start an engine that generates electricity and heat.

Ciudadanos president has chosen to reward the production of clean energy, and has criticized Spain physically penalizing those who bet on renewable energy and invest in their production.

“We should not make it difficult for those who find a solution to a problem, so we will remove the “sun” and self-consumption tax because it is unjust and meaningless,” he insisted.

The leader of the Orange party added that Spain has a “privileged” geographic location to carry out a “real transition” towards renewable, which is why he has advocated for such an energy plan that “helps those who make a problem, such as garbage in this case, into a solution”.

We think it would be great for Mallorca’s economy and environment to get rid of this horrible tax and we hope a solution will be found once the elections are passed, whatever party wins. Ecology shouldn’t have a political color.

What do you think? Is it a good thing or you are in favor or this tax? Tell us why in the comments!

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