San Joan Festival In Mallorca

This week one of the most popular festivals in Mallorca is celebrated the feast of San Juan, which officially welcomes the summer. This year, on Friday 24th June, the day of San Juan, is a public holiday in Palma. But the party the night of 23 is celebrated The shortest night of the year!

fiestas-san-juan-mallorcaIn different locations in Mallorca and the Balearics, it is the most special celebration of the year. Without a doubt, the most spectacular celebration is the festival of Sant Joan in Ciutadella de Menorca, where fire and fires, are changed by horses and ginet. In Ciutadella, on Sunday before San Juan, a man walks the streets dressed in furs and barefoot, representing the saint and inviting everyone to participate. On the 24th, the huge square in Ciutadella is filled with people to see the caixers, pagesos, the casat, the fadrí, the senyor and capellà, accompanied by cavallers and fabioler. It is a sight to behold and see the horses ridden by expert riders.

Verbena de Sant Joan in Mallorca

But in Mallorca it is the most magical night of the year. They emphasize the celebrations in Palma, Calvià, Deià, Muro, Felanitx, Son Servera and Sant Joan. In Palma, the City often organizes an outdoor concert near the sea. In addition, the beaches of Palma are filled with friends who gather around a bonfire to dine and drink together. And at midnight, everyone runs into the sea! They say a swim in the San Juan night at midnight, purifies the spirit.

Havana night in Deia

In a small town of the island, between the mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana, the night of San Juan becomes night habanera and “tremponada”. The people of this emblematic people gather in the Cala de Deià to enjoy traditional habanera, a Mallorcan dinner Trempo, and swimming in the sea at midnight. Certainly it becomes a magical evening in a special place.

Rituals for twelve o’clock, the “witching”
Most of the rituals of the night of San Joan are related to fire and water: write a wish on a paper and throw it into the fire, take three jumps by the fire or throw three coins into the sea, each symbolizes a wish, for example. But one of the most popular traditions in Mallorca, is as we have already told you, go swimming in the sea at midnight.

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