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We know that Mallorca is sometimes considered as the land of small businesses and entrepreneurs. And that many of you are looking for a solution to sell internationally from your online shop without fees.
But online payments, especially international payments, can be expensive, time consuming and a real hassle. So we have made it possible to make safe payments online and much cheaper by introducing EZBcoins. This is our credit system which is safe, real-time and free to use!

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What are EZBcoins and why did we introduce them?

Making payments over the internet is becoming more complex. You can pay via bank-transfer, credit card, pay-pal or many other ways. Whichever method you choose it could be either costly, complicated or take a long time to go through.

As is an international platform, we have often had complaints from our users who want to buy products from abroad. If you transfer money from Mallorca to the USA for example, the costs are often disproportionally high, compared to the price of the item you are buying.

We came up with a solution to the problem with international payments: EZBcoins. They make payment easy, free and real-time. One EZBcoin is equal to one USD in value.

How does payment on work?

If you want to pay with EZBcoins, payment is pretty easy. Once you and the vendor have agreed on the final price and shipment details, you can purchase the amount needed for the payment via your e-wallet. We accept all mayor credit cards and payments with PayPal to buy EZBcoins.

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Once you have purchased EZBcoins, you can then send the agreed amount directly to the vendor via the Chat & Buy system. To do this, click on the Chat & Buy button of the shop.

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You can then click on the $ icon. The EZBcoins will then be transferred immediately and free of charge.

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What are the advantages of using EZBcoins?

Payments between e-wallets are free from transaction fees and happen in real-time. The e-wallet is a much cheaper and faster way to make payments especially if you want to sell internationally. As payments are made instantly, shipping can then be done quicker and you don’t need to worry about protecting yourself from fraud. You can also choose to pay via any other kind of payment method you like, but we recommend using the e-wallet, as it the safest. Only EZBcoins payments can be controlled by and we are able to return money if needed.

To protect our members, we developed an algorithm to show the more trustworthy offers first in the marketplace. In case of misconduct, we recommend every member to report the page or user. We keep and execute the right to delete pages and profiles if necessary. Keep in mind, is all about communication! You are not buying directly on the platform, but from a small business owner with whom you have agreed with their terms and conditions!

How do you get EZBcoins?

First of all, as a vendor, you can earn EZBcoins by selling your products on using EZBcoins as a payment method.

If you did not earn any EZBcoins so far, you can purchase extra EZBcoins via PayPal, Credit card, Apple pay and many other payment providers. Just go to your e-wallet and you will find the option to ‘Buy EZBcoins’.

Who can cash out EZBcoins?

As a vendor you can cash-out earned EZBcoins into your own credit system (under certain conditions) into your PayPal account. We charge a 10% handling fee on cash-out. Purchased EZBcoins can not be cashed out for legal reasons, only amounts received from others are eligible for that option. In order to be eligible for cash-out, you need to have a verified account and have a minimum balance of 25 EZBcoins. Cash-out is only possible within three months of incoming payments. You can still use your EZBcoins after this period as a payment method on

We want to know: How do you sell your products online? Is our internal system for secure online payments on an alternative for you? Give us your feedback and leave us a comment here!

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