Spanish General Election 2016 – PP Comes in First

Yesterday was the Spanish general election and  36,518,100 voters across the country cast their second ballot in sixth months after the previous vote didn’t have a clear outcome. As no party won the majority in the December elections, the governments could not make a decision together and they did a re-run yesterday, June 26th.

spanish elections

Right wing party PP came out first in the elections last night with 137 seats, PSOE socialist party following with 85, left wing party Podemos with 71 and finally right wing party Ciudadanos with 32. This means that no party won with a majority as there had to be at least 176 seats for a win.

In the coming weeks to the election, according to exit polls it seemed likely that Podemos could make a breakthrough and overtake the socialist party PSOE into third place, after PP. However this was not the case and many were left shocked by the results. Now that there is no majority win it is unsure what the next step is for Spain’s government.

The two options which could be possible now are for PP and Ciudadanos to join forces as together there are only 7 seats short of a majority win. Therefore it could be possible to take 2 smaller parties seats and together create a new government.

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