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Mallorca is known as a holiday destination for Europeans, Brits and anyone else looking for a nice beach resort! But startups in Mallorca? In recent years, a startup boom has taken place on this Balearic island. German and British companies also taking part.

More than 30,000 Germans live in Majorca and over 20,000 brits. Many of these are self-employed and entrepreneurs. Accordingly, also the start-up boom has exploded. Most attention from the well-known German social commerce platform There are also many more German start-up founders on the Mediterranean island.


German start-ups on the holiday island

The social commerce platform for small businesses,, was founded three years ago, founded by German entrepreneurs Ossian Vogel, and Frank de Vries and Julia Emmert. Meanwhile, selling more than 100,000 users in the international marketplace. Much Spanish and German, but also many Indians.

The idea came to the two helicopter pilots in the midst of economic crisis. Julia Emmert back then, had a small online marketing agency on the island. Many clients had neither the money nor the knowledge to be able to afford real online marketing. aimed to solve this issue.

Why did they start the company in Mallorca? Because working on the beach is simply awesome! No, seriously: The weather obviously plays a role and it’s an amazing place to start a company. Living with children here on the island is much easier than in Germany and the connection to Germany is great. Also, the whole infrastructure for German business is already established here. German speaking Accountants? No problem!


jobMapp is a marketplace for local services. The location-based platform works in real time via push messages. Search for workers in your area with your chosen category: Garden, household, Plumbing etc. All workers receive a push message with a new job in their area.

jobMapp is a Majorcan start-up made up of 3 German founders and winners of the “Premi Joves Emprenedors” (Prize for young entrepreneurs) the “Balearic” and finalist of the competition “European Satellite Navigation Competition” of the European Union, “Premio Emprendedor XXI” the Spanish bank La Caixa and got 2015 the “Seal of Excellence” by the European Commission. Currently the platform has 40,000 users in Spain and Mexico.


1ClickTrips offers travel planning services to business travelers, based on your business appointments. The basic parameters of the business meetings (date, time, place) determined 1ClickTrips, with its Door-2-Door Search Engine, intelligent ideals itinerary ready to book. Instead of researching a dozen portals manually, you can perceive fixed dates as efficiently and economically, it also contains all your appointments from your calendar with drag and drop plan and has a Travel Management Dashboard in the handle. The founders are an uncle and nephew – both from the software, industrial and Robotics corner – and they have solved a problem which they had for years: Business-Travel Booking.

In addition to the many IT start-ups which can be found on the Mediterranean island, there are many other Expat companies. From the real estate agent about the winery owner up to the manufacturer of his own island Lemonade PepLemon from local ingredients is represented some exciting idea!

Why Mallorca?

Mallorca remains a dream destination. Each year there are new adventurers to be had on the island. There’s always sun, beaches, sipping a cocktail whilst working on your laptop (well that’s a bit of an exaggeration). But nevertheless, the location Mallorca is perfect for new companies.

The costs of establishing a business here are much lower than for example in London, Berlin or Barcelona. Paying salaries and rent is much cheaper. At the same time Mallorca is very popular with employees. The island is oriented around internationally. The language barrier is therefore very low. There are German and English tax consultants, lawyers and international staff. The connection to the European start-up cities of London, Berlin and Barcelona is secured with several flights daily.

Around the island you’ll find not just Spanish founders, but also German, British and Scandinavian entrepreneurs. This allows an international exchange, which possible in only a few places in the world. Many investors appreciate the Balearic Islands as a retreat. It’s easier to have a talk in a relaxed atmosphere rather than a busy skyscraper.

Those who are not yet sure if Mallorca is right for them, can also find weekly rented co working spaces, such as Local 9 right next to startups and JobMapp.

The initiative Mallorca startups:

Recently the Mallorca Startup Initiative was founded by German entrepreneurs on the island. The goal is to build a bridge between local and expat startups, investors, experts, consultants and providers. The group already has 200 members. On the first Meetup in May there were more than 80 founders, employees and investors.

Mallorca Startups website

Meetup Group

The Mallorca Startup Ecosystem developed themselves rapidly, but it is not nearly as developed as for example in Berlin or Barcelona. Th point of Mallorca Startups is to promote this infrastructure. Mallorca startups want to use the close relationship of the island to Germany for this eco-system and also invite German start-ups and investors to network on the island.

Parc bit

To make Mallorca the location for IT companies, the island placed the incubator Parc Bit, directly in Palma de Mallorca. Only 10 minutes outside of Palma and with the only underground of the island leading there. The incubator is the place to go for business advice and practical help. The Parc was created in 2002 by the Balearic Government in, to assist the development of creative solutions which promote more than 130 resident IT companies. Many of the start-ups come from the tourism sector, as you could expect from an island over 17 million tourists per year.

In addition, you can also find companies in the sectors of ICT, Biotech and Energy & Environment. Some examples are:

Nautic Advisor  – Boat management

Habitissimo – Home improvements

Outside the Part Bic there’s also the Spanish Airbnb partner Hundred Rooms also the first room price comparison site who has partnered with Airbnb and also Ventafun where you can earn money from recommendations.

Our Mallorca Marketplace

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