10 Ways To Stay Productive When Working From Home

In Mallorca, there are a lot of freelances or people working from home. It is a fairly new thing. Mallorca is an island where jobs are usually very flexible so there is no wonder the number of people working from home rises everyday. 

There are some advantages like working wherever you want, whenever you want. Especially for mothers… well, until the baby start screaming or your neighbours start doing renovations on their house!

Working from home once in a while is a luxury, but working from home on a daily basis can put serious threats on your productivity. There is so much that can distract you, the football match on TV, friends popping in for a coffee (you always have time, right?), or just the dirty dishes from last night. Working from home means your colleagues can’t keep you from getting your work done, but you, yourself could become your worst enemy.

working from home

To avoid it and keep working at in a luxury situation from home, we’ve collected some decent tips for you!

  1. Set working hours – work when you are most productive

    One of the biggest advantages of working from home is that you don’t have to work from 9 to 5. You, yourself can define when you want to work and when not to. So do so! You might not be an early bird, but at some point you will have to get out of the bed and start working.

If you set yourself specific hours as you have in the office, you’re more likely to get work done during those hours. If you are more productive at night, start work after lunch. But whatever your hours are, stick to a routine!

  1. Chose a dedicated work space and keep it clean

    As important as working hours are, so is a dedicated work space. It can be on the kitchen table or the balcony (not so good if it’s raining) but it needs to be a special place dedicated only to work.

We don’t recommend your workspace to be your bedroom as this might prevent you from sleeping at night. Also, according to this study plants on your desk can improve productivity and happiness!

Keeping a dedicated work space, separate from your private space, is one thing, keeping it clean is another. Productive work is better on a structured desk!

  1. Dress for success, you are the boss now

You don’t need to get out of the house so why dress up? Indeed it can be tempting to spent all day in your pyjamas, saving the time you normally would spend getting ready. But that’s not healthy for your mind, nor for your productivity.

Take your time in the morning to wake up, and dress as if you were heading to the office. It will make you feel more dedicated to work and put you in the right mindset.

  1. Tell friends and family you are working and stick to it

    You might master to wake up early and stick to your work, but have you made it clear to your friends and family? Especially for your life partner it might be difficult to understand that you are actually working, despite being at home. Explain to your friends and family that working from home is the same as working in an office. You should let them know they can’t pop round for a coffee anytime they want. If they are unwilling to accept, just don’t answer the phone or open the door when you know its them.

  2. Make a to-do list and control your work performance

    Structure your day and keep in mind what you want to achieve, making a daily to-do list might be helpful. There is no one watching or controlling you but you can control your work performance by implementing special tools. A to-do/checklist is a very simple and efficient tool for this! Particularly when you are overworked or operating under time constraints, checklists keep you on track.

  3. Start Co-working or meet other home workers

    Working form home might end up making you lonely. So make sure you are meeting other self-employed friends or consider a co-working space!

There might be days were you just don’t feel like working from home. Luckily you are free to work from wherever, whenever you want, remember? Why don’t work from a library or cafe from time to time or even rent a desk in one of the many co-working spaces available these days. This way you can to get to know more like-minded people to share ideas and help each other out.

  1. Take clear brakes and leave at the end of the day

    After all those performance-boosting measurements, don’t forget to simply stop working at the end of the day!

It’s important to know that it’s okay for you to take a break. It’s okay to meet friends for lunch or simply go for a walk. And most importantly take your time off in the evening AFTER a hard days work!

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