Staying in a hostel in Mallorca, the pros and cons

Hostels are one of the most popular types of lodgings in Europe and probably the rest of the world. The concept was created in 1907 to encourage meet-ups and cultural exchanges. Palma now welcomes more than 45 millions travelers every year, making it a city of tourists and visitors.
In a hostel, you book a bed, not for a room. So you can find yourself sleeping in the same room as 20 travelers. The bathroom is usually shared too. You could have one per room or shared with even more people. All of it depends on the price you’re ready to pay.
There are many pros and cons in staying in a hostels in Mallorca and we’re going to tell you all about them.

The urban hostel of Palma has a helpful reception that will give you all the information you need

1. It’s cheap

I think this is the most obvious reason why people chose to stay in a hostel. In Palma, you can find a place to sleep for less than 15€ a night. It is way cheaper than a hotel which costs around 50€ and is probably not as well located.

2. You can travel in groups

While in a hotel or an airbnb rental, you cannot easily find accommodation for more than 8 people without spending a monthly salary, in a hostel in Mallorca, it will still be 15€ per person per night. And you could all stay in the same room, which is very convenient to stay together to plan your evening out in the room rather than spending an evening in the corridor. You can also say goodbye to argument over who sleeps in which room.

3. They are located in the city centre

It can vary but usually in Mallorca, the hostels are located in the heart of the city, where you’ll find all the bars, parties and fun. If you choose to stay in a hostel outside of Palma, the hostels will be next to the beach or in a small town. You cannot get lost and you are sure you won’t have to walk a lot or take a taxi to go to the interesting touristic areas.

4. You can cook your own meals

On the contrary to a hotel where you have implicitly to go to the hotel restaurant, in the Mallorquin hostel, you can do your own cooking and save more money for parties and sightseeing. Just go to the next Mercadona or Eroski supermarket and buy some pasta and you will be good to go for another week!

5. Breakfast is included

Half of the hostels in Mallorca offer breakfast in the morning. It’s another way of saving money and not bothering to buy food, coffee or even worse, spending money in a coffee shop every morning. While you should have to try it once, as it is always nice to sit in a sunny terrace in the morning on holiday with a nice cafe con leche, it’s better to have the option to enjoy the ready made free breakfast of the hostel. It might even be good!

6. They offer good logistics

In a hotel, you don’t find the same practical things a backpacker needs. In most of the hostels, you can find a washing machine, the possibility to rent bikes to visit Mallorca, and some useful books for free. Some hostels can even offer activities like a karaoke night or visits to make sure you discover the best of the island and you don’t stay unsatisfied doing nothing in the city. Some hostels are close to night club so be ready for a proposal to go out and meet more travelers and even some very welcoming locals. Most of them will have a table football or pool table in the common area to make sure no one is bored and create a fun atmosphere.

7. Welcoming atmosphere

What a better way to meet other travelers and visitors than to stay in a hostel, full of visitors! In a hostel, it’s rare that you’re going to spontaneously start talking to stranger in the corridor or in the guest rooms! And airbnb is just for people who already know each other and want to stay together. You cannot really meet new people like this! Hostels ar the best the way to go to meet happy travelers like yourself who can share tips about the city and travelling in general. Don’t be afraid of sharing your advice with them and all the hidden places of Mallorca you’ve discovered.

The central hostel in Palma has bedrooms up to 10 people

Each one is unique. There are no two hostels alike. They all have their own policies, atmosphere and way of seeing traveling and staying in a foreign city.

But they share the same disadvantages:

1. Lack of Privacy

Forget about having personal space in a hostel. Sharing a room with many people, all being strangers, means you will have to adapt yourself to your new friends. They might like to read until very late with the lights on, come back in the morning drunk and noisy (and smelly), be very talkative and/or talk loudly…
If you really want it, some hostels have private rooms (even if they are usually hard to find) or book a full room with 4 beds (but if this is the case, maybe a hotel is more suited to you). Anyway, even if you have your own room, and don’t want to chat with other people, they might talk to you in the kitchen, in the elevator or in the corridor. So be prepared!
The secret is to only book one night. This way, if you don’t like the hostel, you wont have to endure it for the whole week and can just book something else last minute without wasting money. Hostels usually have lots of availability all the time so it wont be a problem to book extra nights later on.

2. Shared Bathrooms

I mentioned it in the beginning of the article but you’ll have to share a bathroom with many people. Better bring your flip-flops if you want to be sure not to catch any verrucas or feet infections! It also means ou should be prepared to be seen with just a towel on and maybe to have to see the more comfortable people naked. You might also need to wake up earlier to make sure you have the shower free for when you need it. They usually don’t have any soap or shampoo so bring your own! (Sometimes you can buy them at the desk, but for sure it’s going to cost a lot!)

3. Risk of Theft

You might be afraid of being robbed. Don’t worry. Hostels generally have a strict policy of not allowing anyone who is not staying at the hostel to go inside. If you worry that someone will take your belongings, many hostels do offer safes to lock up your valuables. You can bring your own padlock to save some money rather than buying the ridiculously expensive one at the hostel.

The last tips I’d like to share are to make sure to have a nice trip is to be as considerate with your roomates as you want them to be with you and to talk to management if you have any kind of problem. Don’t forget to read room reviews online before booking. Just for you, we have written some articles about what we think about some hostels in Palma and in Mallorca to make sure you have great holiday!

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