Summer Sales Come to Mallorca

The summer sales which happen every year in Spain from around the 1st of July are almost here! Many people wait for months to do their summer shopping until the prices are slashed during the months of July and August.

mallorca sales

For many high street shops in Palma they are already offering discounts and have been for a few weeks. But they are intended to go down even further from Friday 1st July. Normally the sales begin with around 50 or 60% discounts and drop to 70% a few weeks later with the final products.

Many tourists flock to Palma de Mallorca to make the most of these yearly summer sales, especially in independent and unique shops around the city.

It’s been said that the sales in Mallorca this year will generate over 1000 jobs which is 3% higher than last year’s increase. Due to the vast rise in consumer spending over this period, many shops hire short term staff to help work in the shops. Although unfortunately, these jobs will only be temporary for the summer period.

So from July 1st until the end of August make the most of the cheaper clothes, accessories, electronics and more in the shops all around Mallorca!

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