Summer Style in Mallorca

Summer is coming and we thought you would like to have some ideas of a perfect summer outfit on this hot and humid island that is Mallorca!

The team at got together and thought about the best combination for the summer look and we can now reveal what we came up with here! summer style

We think this outfit below is perfect for a beach day out! The blue and cool colours were inspired by the ocean and summer skies and we included a touch of gold for a hint of the sun.


1. Shorts by Display Shop in San Francisco, USA. Denise is a fashion photographer and designer, she makes vintage and hipster style clothes and also has a lot of experiences in photographing her products. 

2. T-shirt by May You Be Happy showroom in Hamburg, Germany. Hans Oberländer creates t shirts and fashion items for men and women using high quality organic cotton from Asia and inspired by a Mediterranean theme. 

3. Bracelet by BITXIBITXI in Spain. Edurne is a nature lover who uses the outdoors to inspire her to create beautiful handmade jewellery. Her jewellery is a mixture of bobo, retro and alternative style with a hint of home-made love. 

4. Earrings by The Raven and The Writing Desk in Italy. Marissa creates her own handmade jewellery from new, used, vintage and up-cycled items and materials, she especially loves all things natural! 

5. Clutch-bag by Cocoono Handmade bags in Poland. Honorata is against mass production and believes that alternative and original designs are much more stylish. 

6. Sandals by Deshaciendo Ovillos also in Spain. Raquelilla Maravilla does crochet and creates various different handmade items including toys, animals and of course shoes. 

7. Camera Strap by Artwandel in Germany. The camera strap was created by attaching different fabrics together. Nieves Röth also creates belts, jewellery and sitting mats. 

All of these showrooms were created in You can sign up here and get involved in the creativity if you want to sell your products!

We loved creating this outfit on the terrace of one of our favorite bar in Palma so we’ve decided that soon, we will create the summer style number 2. So make sure you check back to find out which items will be included!

Thanks for all of the showrooms which took part in the summer style campaign!

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