Summer style in Mallorca: the beach look summer style No.2 – The Beach Look

We have already shared with you our previous summer style number 1 which we created a few days ago, you can find it here! 

We are ready to share with you the summer style No.2! This look is perfect for a day at the beach with your friends, with the laid back style and flip-flops! This time we decided to go down to the beach in Mallorca and take some real photos of the style in action, take a look at what we got.


  1. Shorts by Barcelona Whatever in Spain! These up-cycled denim shorts are made by a jeans shop which specialises in clothes for girls! Check it out!
  2. Necklace by Happy Papaya in Spain. The dragonfly is a lovely way to celebrate the summer and being outdoors. We love the blue and pink colours! Find out more of their handmade jewellery Here!
  3. Top by Brain Inside, based in Poland! The low cut arms are a great way to stay cool during the summer or even to be worn with a bikini on the beach! We thought it was the perfect addition to our beach look. This is their ezebee page with other similar products.
  4. Bag by Bajaga Studio also based in Poland: This showroom creates completely handmade bags. This purse style is a really cool way to fit everything you need for the beach into your bag, it comes with a shoulder strap or can be held like a clutch! Find it here!
  5. Flipflops: by Wiwi Shoes, France – This showroom creates shoes from recycled tyres and coffee bean bags. They are a really modern and alternative footwear to go to the beach with! Check out the page here:

All of these showrooms were created in Sign up here and get involved in the creativity!

Thanks for all of the creative entrepreneurs and small businesses selling on which took part in the summer style campaign!

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