Eight tips to protect your skin from the Mallorcan sun

The skin has a memory: it forgives sunburn but never forgets, this is why it’s essential to have good protection.

Summer officially started yesterday but seeing all the tourists and residents with red burnt skin makes it feel like we are in mid-August. It is essential to protect your skin, your hair as well as your eyes from the sun’s rays, and although it should be a daily routine, it becomes more important than ever in the early days of contact with the sun.

Skin cancer is the most common tumor in Spain; each year 160 cases are detected per 100,000 people. Although there are never zero risks, today we’re going to give your some tips to take care of your beautiful skin to avoid sunburn.

Beach is nice in Mallorca, but be careful of the sunburn!
Sun exposure

Don’t stay to long in the sun and avoid the hours of maximum sun exposure. Sun causes redness and burns on your skin and the consequences are serious for very fair skin. In addition, the skin has memory: it forgives sunburn but never forgets.

Solar protection

If you really have to go in the sun (well, everyone needs a dip once in a while) give your skin sunscreen all day – and all year. In Mallorca, the sun is not only dangerous in summer but you can even get a sunburn if you go hiking in the mountains in winter or if you stay all day at the beach on a nice sunny winters day. You should choose a SPF30 sunscreen. If you don’t want to look like a mirror reflecting the sun, you can choose a colored sunscreen that will give your skin a nice brown color.
Take advantage of the night by using a regenerating cream with retinal to pamper skin after sun exposure.

Analyze your moles

Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you and go to a dermatologist if you see any of your moles changing color, size or shape. Mallorca is full of good dermatologists who know their business and that you can trust. Some of them even speak English so check it before to get the doctor that best suits you.

Vitamin C

To prevent sagging skin, a diet rich in vitamin C will be helpful. Lemon and other fruits, cauliflower and tomatoes are food very rich in vitamin C and consuming this vitamin will help you keep your skin collagen and elasticity.

Vitamin C from orange juice helps you protect your skin

Take out your brightness

Your skin can be very pale but it doesn’t mean you cannot shine. To light up your skin, you need to be consistent in your cleansing rituals. Use specific products for sensitive skin that do not only clean your skin but also hydrate it and protect it from UVA.

Take care of Redness

If your skin tends to become red with the sun, the ideal is to use a natural element such as chamomile or aloe vera which offer a cool soothing effect and will help you to reduce redness.

How to hide bad skin

Acne is not a tasteful dish for anyone, but it seems that the grains on a white skin stand out much more than a darker skin. In these cases, we can disguise a little thanks to makeup. Powders, concealers and foundations that manage to hide such imperfections are the one that have a light green color.


Fair skin is prone to wrinkles and spots so it is advisable to use products that have acid like Glycolic or hyaluronic acid for the skin or to get a microdermabrasion.

It’s really important that you take this topic seriously in Mallorca where the sun is here 300 days a year and is strong and dangerous both in winter and summer.
Do you have more tips on how to protect your skin from sun in Mallorca? Do you know a miraculous product that could save us all from skin cancer? Tell us in the comments!

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