How to Protect your Mobile Phone from Being Stolen on the Beach

In Mallorca, unfortunately, there are plenty of thieves. If you want to go for a dip without being afraid of someone robbing your smartphone, follow these few tips.

The DIY tip: The sunscreen bottle

The secret is to hide your valuable in a sunscreen bottle, a much less attractive target for thieves than your new iPhone or your much loved Samsung.
This invention could be considered silly, but it’s certainly an idea that almost nobody has thought about. Clean out a sunscreen bottle and make a series of cuts to leave an open party that will not be visible once the cap on. It should not take more than five minutes and you will have then a wonderful afternoon in Playa de Palma or Arenal not worrying about your stuff.

DIY idea to hide your valuables at the beach

Other more conventional options

1. If you dont have to, don’t take your mobile

Although it can seem hard to live without being connected to the world, it is safer for you to leave your smartphone at home. If you are unable to disconnect, bring your old smartphone to go to the beach instead. It won’t be as cool and good as your new Iphone but at least you wont be worried if you get robbed.

Rule No. 2: Be discreet

If you are constantly checking your mobile, chances are that anyone who has been watching you with bad intentions take the opportunity of a dip to steal your phone. Be discreet and try not to use your mobile if not by necessity.

Rule No. 3: Always stay with your mobile

If you have decided that you can not live without a mobile phone while you are on the Palma beaches (the ones with the highest risks of being stolen), and do not want to leave it hidden among your belongings, then get yourself a cover that protects your phone from water and sand. No, you better not get in the water with it if you plan to go swimming. Instead, hide it in a towel that you will leave near the shore, at the end it will be harder to get robbed having it closer than three kilometers away.

Rules No. 4: Pay for a locker

In somes beaches of Mallorca, there are now lockers to help you protect your valuables. They are available in the municipality of Calvia. Santa Ponsa, Palmanova, Magaluf and Peguera now have between 80 and 200 lockers each. This is great news for locals and visitors with the fear of getting things stolen while you go for a swim with your family or friends. With the new means of security, tranquil swims and even walks along the beaches will be an option for the users. They will be installed in places where they least damage the coast and littoral of the beach. The price will be of approximately 3 Euros a day and the users will be able to pay by card or in cash. For an extra amount a service of high velocity WiFi can be selected. Adding on, the system will enable users to charge their phones.

Lockers are available in the Calvia municipality beaches

With these tips, you will reduce your chances of getting things stolen form you. But remember that if you don’t bring any personal belongings, you could go for a swim and not be worried all the time about your valuables. And isn’t relaxing the reason you go on holiday in Mallorca?

Protect your phone in case you get robbed

Lock your smartphone

The PIN for your smartphone is not a sufficient protection in case of loss or theft. Add to that another locking system as a complicated password (a series of numbers, letters and symbols). These can be saved in the security settings of your smartphone. You can even use a facial recognition system on Android or iPhone.

Enable geotagging

Think about enabling a geotagging function of your device in the settings. In case of theft (or loss), you could log on the site of your operating system (iCloud for iPhone, Windows Phone or Android Device Manager) and see the position of the smartphone on a map but only if the laptop is connected to the internet and GPS is enabled.

Install a security application

These applications (Cerberus, Lookout …) offer different functions that will further protect your smartphone. You will be able to remotely control your mobile. ie: trigger a very loud alarm (even if the phone is in silent mode), take a picture of the thief, record ambient sound, remove personal data…

Back up your data

If you lose your smartphone, you will not have access to certain information stored on it: phonebook, pictures, videos, music, notes… Better to take the lead. Backup your data in the cloud of your operating system or your service provider. Once the settings done, enable automatic synchronization. If lost or stolen, you will have access to your data by connecting via the Internet.

Keep the IMEI number

This number (15 to 17 digits) is the identity card of your smartphone. You will find it in the settings under the battery or on the packaging box. Keep this number. In case of theft or loss, you may be asked by your service provider to block your smartphone remotely. The thief can then no longer use your SIM card or mobile.

What to do after you got robbed

Go to the police

This must be done as soon as possible while you are still here in Mallorca. Don’t worry about the language. Visit the nearest police station and have the following details to hand: date, time and place of the event, a complete list of all items stolen (including make and model numbers where possible). You will be asked which police station on Mallorca is most convenient for you to collect the report and you will be given a reference number to present on collection. The report will be sent there very quickly.

Call your phone insurance (if you have one)

You will need to send them the form the police gave you to process your claim.

Cancel your phone service

Not to be charged extra for calls that you wouldn’t have made. Search for the number online and simply tell them to suspend your line. Then no one can make international calls or use data, which is incredibly expensive to use abroad.

Did you like our tips? Do you have other advices to go to the turquoise beaches of Mallorca with your mobile without stress? We want to hear from you!

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