Top Garden Trends for 2016 in Mallorca

The perfect garden is one that reproduces the wonders of nature and which you never want to leave.

When the warm weather arrives, the garden becomes the best place to be. It’s the ideal place where you can rest, eat meals and host big family reunions, enjoy the sun, watch the stars at night and the sunrise in the morning… The perfect garden is one that reproduces the wonders of nature, whether it’s small or big.
In a nutshell, the garden is one of the busiest parts of the home. To feel comfortable in it and give it a fresh look, we will share a list of ideas and trends that will make your outdoor space into the garden of your dreams.


Ask for the help of a professional

Keeping your garden well kept is very hard and requires constant attention. Therefore, to design it and keep up basic maintenance, it might be better to have a professional help you to make the most out of the space, the furniture, plants… The peace you can reach in a harmonious garden is inversely proportional to the one offered in a neglected garden.

The continuation of your home

Decorators often create a continuity between the inner space and outer space. In order to give a great amplitude and harmony to the house, your garden or terrace should be the living room of your house, thanks to the furniture, pots and lights. Before designing your garden, it is essential to think about this before filling it with decoration that doesn’t go with the rest of your home.

Different gardening design styles

The trend this year is to own a spontaneous and wild garden that fits the type of housing you have and invites people to sit on the grass, smell the flowers and feel part of nature. In contrast, the zen garden in which predominates the order, the visual amplitude, stones, horizontal structures and neutral colors are still fashionable.

Colors 2016

The colors to use in terms of furniture and ornaments are natural colors like pearl or blue lapis lazuli. The furniture trend is vintage, made of natural or upcycled materials. And the flowers of the season are jasmine, white rock rose, hydrangeas, carnations, bells…

The pool, the center of attention

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, it becomes the core of the garden. Around it, you can place furniture: table, chairs, benches … as well as elements of enjoyment: barbecue, outdoor bar and potted plants.

Vertical gardens

If you do not have much space but want to be surrounded by plants and flowers, a solution could be to have a vertical garden. It is gaining natural space on the walls, like you can see in the following picture. In addition, it can be done at very low price.

Vertical garden are trendy in Mallorca

If you have a garden at home, turn it into a green space that connects your spirit with the nature and makes you feel better in your home!

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