What are promoted tweets?

Learn how to use promoted tweets to drive traffic and sales and grow your business with Fabian Roschig, CMO & Co-Founder of jobMapp a promising Mallorcan startup.

Did you know that with Promoted Tweets you can directly tackle the users and clients of your main competitors? You can extend your reach while just targeting the users interested in your niche and products? Or that you can increase the notoriety of your brand by creating “corporate” hashtags?

Fabian Rochig job mapp

In this 3 block tutorial we are going to explain to you:

1. What are promoted tweets? How do they work? Where do users see them? Why should you use them?

2. How to target your perfect customer with Promoted Tweets

3. How to write perfect Promoted Tweets that create engagement and drive traffic to your web/shop/blog

Ok, let’s start right away with the question “What are Promoted Tweets?”

  • Promoted Tweets are normal Tweets bought by advertisers to extend the reach of their business, find new potential users, drive sales, and improve engagement with their existing client base.
  • Promoted Tweets can be clearly identified as promoted in the below section of the Tweet.promoted tweets
  • Promoted Tweets work just like regular Tweets and can be re-tweeted, replied to and ‘liked’.

The same as Facebook Ads, people see Promoted Tweets it in their personalized timeline such as normal content from users/brands they follow.

promoted tweets

Twitter will then automatically target it to users with similar interests. As published by Twitter, users who see promoted tweets on their timelines are 32% more likely to engage with that brand.

So now that you have a brief idea about what a Promoted Tweet is, let’s get to the more important part. What do you use them for?

Sales and traffic:

  • Promote a sales campaign and discounts
  • Offer coupons and deals in the copy of your Tweets
  • Drive website traffic
  • Drive leads using Lead Generation Cards

Awareness or engagement:

  • Create awareness of your brand pitching your brand or content to Twitter influencers
  • Content marketing reaching bloggers/journalists interested in your best content
  • Promote awareness around events and product launches
  • Ask for retweets to gain an even broader audience for your messages

Learn  how to create your first campaign and start right away with creating your first Twitter Promoted Tweets campaign or wait until you’re a little more clued up after our next 2 episodes telling you how to target the RIGHT users and tips and tricks to write promoted tweets that drive big results 😉

Fabian Roschig (CMO & Co-Founder of jobMapp) Twitter: @FRoschig

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