What the Brexit Means for Mallorca

A withdrawal of the British from the European Union would weaken the British currency against the euro by 12 to 20 percent. As a result, Mallorca would become a less popular destination for the British. A family package holiday on the Mediterranean island would cost up to 290 euros more. The result: It could in future make Majorca holidays less British.

brexit mallorca
The potential Proposed referendum for the membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union would particularly affect the potato farmers of Sa Pobla. “We sell our goods in pound sterling, the revenue must be in Euro Change,” the spokesman told a cooperative in the agricultural village. A weak British currency makes export of tubers unprofitable. And the English are traditionally the most important buyers for potatoes from Sa Pobla.

According to the Chamber of Commerce in Mallorca, the Proposed referendum for the UK membership in the European Union, which will be voted on June 23, would take around 200 commercial enterprises directly. It would involve companies that export shoes, oils and wines, and essences to Britain.

How do you think the Brexit could affect people in Mallorca? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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