Which Cinemas Show English Films in Mallorca?

It can be quite a challenge to find a cinema in Mallorca which shows films in English or original version but there are a few that do it. Some of the cinemas have certain days where they show films in original version on various days. We have had a look at all the cinemas on the island and found which ones have the option to watch the films in original version. So here’s our list:



This is your best bet if you want to find a cinema with all films in original language. Cineciutat is located inside S’escorxador in Palma and is more of an independent cinema. You can find films in Spanish, French, and even Japanese, but most of them are in English. It costs 7€ to watch a film here but if you go on a Wednesday it’s half price! 

Ocimax – Palma

In the north part of Palma inside the shopping centre you will find Ocimax cinema. They show some films in Original version and as it is more of a mainstream cinema, you’ll find almost all of them will be in English. Check the schedule for Ocimax Palma to see which day they show English films. Tickets cost 6€ apart from Mondays when you can buy them for 4.90€.

Artesiete FAN

You have probably already seen the new FAN shopping centre in Palma and they’ve recently opened a cinema inside too. They also show films in original version on various days and it’s a great way to accompany your shopping trip or dinner out. Check the timetable for the FAN Artesiete Cine here to see what’s in English this week.

Multicines – Porto Pi

In another shopping centre in Palma: Porto Pi, you can also watch films in original language on certain days of the week. You can enjoy your shopping trip and relax afterwards by watching the latest films. Check the timetable for Multicines in Porto Pi here.

Cinesa – Festival Park

On the motorway heading towards Inca, a little further out of Palma, you will find the shopping centre Festival Park. They are very famous for having heavily discounted clothes! This cinema usually has the latest and most popular films in original version a few times per week so you won’t miss out on seeing your favourite films. Here you can find the listings for Cinesa cinema in festival park. 

Aficine- Manacor

If you don’t live in Palma and you still want to watch your favourite films in the cinema. Don’t worry because Manacor cinema also has films in original version. On Mondays you will find English films and you can check the Manacor cinema schedule here. 

Have you been to see a film in original version in Mallorca? Was it hard to find? Leave us a comment and tell us your experience!

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