Why Expats Make Good Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs who’ve founded their own company are no longer living in the place where they were born. It’s very common for expats to become entrepreneurs and many company founders are from abroad.

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So why are there so many expat entrepreneurs? There’s a number of reasons why expats make real good entrepreneurs, let’s explain why:

  1. Ready for new experiences

Those who have moved abroad are used to new experiences meaning they are more open minded and seek new opportunities. Whether it’s experiencing different cultures, food or people it’s always good to be open to these things and apply it to your business.

2. Live off excitement

If you have decided to live abroad it’s likely you wanted to try something different and more exciting than what your previous life offered you. When travelling you are surrounded by new things and different (good and bad) situations. You love to look for exciting ideas, projects and you completely believe in your business.

3. Adapt well

Of course if you are living in another country you have to get used to have is around you and quickly adapt to fit in and to make the most of you situation. This is useful in business and there are plenty of hurdles and unexpectedness which you may come across. Remember to stay strong and keep positive!

4. Learn languages

Languages are a very useful skill to have when starting your own company, they will open you to new connections and professionals and wipe out any limits for taking your company to new markets. Those who speak multiple languages are also usually used to dealing with many different people which is useful when starting a company.

Are you an expat entrepreneur? Do you think living abroad helped you when starting your company? We’d love to hear your stories!

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